The vestry at Christ Church are members who are elected to an advisory board which assists the Rector with the temporal and spiritual matters of the parish. Members are elected to 3-year terms at the annual parish meeting held on the third Sunday of January.

At Christ Church, the Senior Warden is “the Rector’s Warden” and among other responsibilities, assists with the stewardship program of the parish. The Junior Warden sits on the Properties Commission which takes responsibility for reporting to the vestry the need for repairs, upkeep and improvement of the Christ Church Campus. Members of the vestry assist the parish treasurers by counting the Sunday offering each week. They also meet monthly with the rector to foster communication and make decisions about our shared mission and ministry.

Current members of the Vestry are:

  • Jonathon Field
  • Diane Follet, Assistant Treasurer
  • Susan Howell
  • Jim Howsmon
  • Joe Luciano, Junior Warden
  • Barbara Pierce
  • Kathy Plank
  • Katy Reid
  • Alison Ricker, Senior Warden
  • Ann Beach, Clerk
  • Dawn Yorko, Treasurer

Our clergy are:

  • The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop
  • The Right Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr., Bishop of Ohio
  • The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Wilbert, Rector
  • The Rev. Jane Trager, Deacon