Christ Church is blessed with a remarkable music program. Our congregation and priest sing with strength and enthusiasm. Our worship is gloriously accompanied by the Blashfield Memorial pipe organ, a Dutch Flentrop instrument installed in 1964. We include traditional worship songs of the Episcopal Church from the Hymnal, and sometimes gospel or contemporary songs from Lift Every Voice and Sing. The 10:00 Sunday Eucharist is normally chanted according to ancient melodies, with sung psalms (plainsong or Anglican chant), and congregational singing of the traditionally sung parts of the Mass, including the Gloria, Kyrie, and Sanctus.

Christ Church Choir is directed by our Director of Music, Dr. Steven E. Plank. Our choir combines the voices of dedicated members of the congregation and a number of Oberlin college students, including some from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Anthem selections come from the breadth of the Anglican/Episcopal music tradition, ranging from Bach and Palestrina to contemporary compositions. Additional events have included Evensong, concerts, and recitals, and presentations of choral masterpieces in their liturgical settings, including Fauré’s Requiem, the Vivaldi Gloria, and Haydn’s Little Organ Mass.