What to expect in Christ Church Oberlin

Is there anything distinct about Christ Church Oberlin?

Steeple, cross

Yes and no. Most importantly, we are a church because we are a part of the capital-c Church, which is that body of all of God’s people regardless of denomination, united in prayer, supplication, thanksgiving, and praise. On the other hand, we do have a style of doing things, and we hope very much that style is more welcoming than forbidding, more joyous than penitential, more open and questioning than imperious or dogmatic, more interested in the role you might choose to play in our lives than in changes we want the church to make in you. We hope that if we had to choose between the hush of grave piety and the bustle of a vital, energetic, unpredictable community, we would always choose the bustle. In short, we strive to devote ourselves to the adventure of a joint spiritual pilgrimage. It would be a very great blessing, and we mean this with a profound sincerity, if you would join in this pilgrimage with us.