The Chapel Grove

The idea of a memorial garden that could be developed on parish property to the north and west of the parish hall was first introduced at the annual meeting on October 23, 1994. Almost to the day, six years later on October 4, 2000, we celebrated the completion of Chapel Grove with a grand liturgy that included a blessing of the new garden; the hallowing of its earth with the ashes of five Christ Church parishioners who had died during the period of Chapel Grove’s construction; and the consecration of a beautiful three-and-a-half ton sandstone altar in the garden’s center. Ohio’s Suffragan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Arthur Williams, presided.

Chapel Grove garden

The creation of Chapel Grove would not have been possible without the faithful leadership of the Christ Church Clergy and Vestries, nor would it have been possible without the generous financial support of parish family members, friends and special funding sources.