worship1Worship in the Episcopal Church is more ceremonial, or liturgical, than many church services in United States today, creating an atmosphere that enriches our experience of God. The Episcopal Church is also a sacramental church with our service centered on Holy Communion (Eucharist).How do you worship?

The liturgy is based upon The Book of Common PrayerWhat’s with all the little books in the pews?

Worship at Christ Church has high church leanings. At the 8:00 AM service the mass is spoken, and at the 10:30 AM service much of the liturgy is sung or chanted. The beautiful ceremony and elegant ritual are a reminder and appreciation of the holiness of God. For special days such as Easter, Palm Sunday, and Christmas Eve, incense and bells also enhance the worship experience. (Bells and Smells!)

At our 10:30 service, in addition to The Book of Common Prayer, the song book Hymnal 1982 is used. Occasionally we sing from Lift Every Voice and Sing II (LEVAS). Juggling these three books, the Bible, and the bulletin during a worship service is one event in the Episcopal “Olympics”.

Aerobics is the other event in the Episcopal “Olympics”. This consists of multiple repetitions of standing up, sitting down, and on occasion, kneeling. Generally we stand as able or kneel for prayer, sit for instruction, and stand as able for praise. Just follow along with the congregation. The only mistake is not coming to church in the first place!